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I spent decades doing something that I no longer loved to provide for the family that I barely saw. I had misplaced loyalty for a company that didn’t give me a second thought. I decided to transition to real estate.
My restaurant career started because I love to cook. I soon realized that I was a natural leader and I rapidly grew into a managerial position. I was developing deep connections with staff as someone they looked to for direction and mentorship.
This experience taught me about working with all kinds of people, training, growing teams, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Having the opportunity to train and me to everyone from hosts to executives helped me understand the different layers of the customer service experience.
I was committed to my restaurant career, and I dedicated everything I had to it. After time passed and experiencing transition after transition in executive management, my position was eliminated and I was forced to make a decision about my future path.
I was back and forth as to whether I should stay in restaurants. I truly enjoy meeting new people, building teams, and providing a stellar customer service experience, but I was tired of the long hours and feeding the corporate machine. For years, my wife and I had talked about the idea of me transitioning to real estate. It all came back to this – Why don’t I just do it?
The answer was being a slave to the company’s incentives – 401(k), insurance, bonuses, paid time off. But, while these things are nice, I didn’t get to spend time with my family and I simply was not able to provide the best customer service experience. I took the leap, and here I am, lucky to have the unwavering support that I did.
After everything my family sacrificed, I hit the ground running – countless hours researching and learning, attending seminars and classes, building strong relationships with other real estate professionals. Losing my corporate job led me to this incredible outcome and a far more fulfilling career.
Everyone knows me as a strong negotiator and I always consider my clients’ best interests in every situation. Real estate transactions can be tedious and therefore I make sure I’m always available to provide an unparalleled customer service experience to each and every person.
I don’t approach real estate as a sales job. It’s not – I don’t just sell houses, I help my clients get the best deals and best offers, in addition to smoothing out any bumps in the road. I believe in educating them from start to finish, and having all questions answered. For me, an initial consultation is crucial – I first get to meet my clients and learn about what they need. That meeting is the first step of our journey together, even after the deal is done. My clients are friends. When we work together, I’m down to earth, I give a straight answer, and am always available. My clients need to be comfortable before they make those big decisions and understand completely what’s happening throughout the process. It can be a lot to wade through – I offer a steady hand.

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